Apache Tomcat 7 installation

Apache Tomcat is an open source web server, an implementation of Servlet and Jsp technologies. So many large-scale web applications are making use of this open source web server. It is also used as primary web server to test web applications in developer environment.

Apache Tomcat

1.Download Apache Tomcat 7

Download Apache Tomcat 7 from apache site – http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi . Up to tomcat version 6 you can install tomcat as service with .exe file. but, from Tomcat 7 release on wards they made as simple as JBoss installation. Just download, extract and place some where in the system to make use of Tomcat 7.

2. Configuring Port number.

Generally Tomcat will be installed on 8080 port. If at all any other service such as Oracle server installed prior to tomcat installation, you may not start tomcat server properly because of the Oracle server installed on the same port number 8080. You need to change port number of Http in server.xml  which is located in conf  folder. Change port number from default 8080 to something like 8087 in the section shown below.

 3. Adding User credentials for accessing Tomcat Manager site.

Tomcat Manger site is  where you would deploy your web-applications (war files) through interface.For log-in to Tomcat Manager site, requires user authentication. You need to configure User details in tomcat-users.xml . Add below entry to tomcat-users.xml

 4. Starting / Stopping Tomcat server

Go to bin folder in the tomcat server run startup.bat  / shutdown.bat  to start / stop tomcat server.

5. Accessing Tomcat

After starting your tomcat, type the url http://localhost:8087/  . You would get a home page of tomcat installation.

Apache Tomcat 7 Home

Apache Tomcat 7 Manager

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