Hadoop Big Data – Introduction to Business Intelligence

Big Data

  • Big Data is about the growing challenge that organizations face as they deal with large and fast-growing sources of data, which is so large and quickly that it can’t be managed by normal servers.
  • Having a computing infrastructure that is capable of inserting , validating and analyzing high volumes (size and rate) of data.
  • Accessing mixture of data i.e. structured, unstructured and semi- structured data from multiple sources.
  • Dealing with unpredictable content with no apparent schema or structure.

Hadoop - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Big Data technologies are a new generation of technologies and architectures designed to extract value from very large volumes of wide variety of data economically.

  • Volume

    Volume describes the amount of data generated by organizations and various sources.

  • Variety

    Variety describes different types of data, unlike structured data which is very common in relational databases. The data that is handled in business intelligence could be structured, semi-structured or even unstructured data sourced from various data sources.

  • Velocity

    Velocity describes the frequency at which data is generated. A very common word here is Streaming Data. Streaming Algorithms would play vital role extracting value from streaming data.

Business Intelligence – How it is useful for organizations

  • Effective analysis of Big Data (Business Intelligence) provides a lot of business advantage to organizations, will learn which areas to focus on and which areas are very important.
  • Big Data analysis is at times so crucial that can prevent organizations from huge loss or help in grasping a great business opportunity.
  • Precise analysis of Big Data helps in decision making.

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