Hadoop Tutorials

 Apache Hadoop, created by Doug Cutting is an open source framework implementing the MapReduce algorithm behind Google’s approach to querying the large sets of distributed data. Hadoop is a core part of the computing infrastructure for many web companies, such as, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and many more.



  1. Hadoop – BigData overview
  2. Hadoop – Introduction to Business Intelligence


  1. What is Hadoop?
  2. Users of Hadoop
  3. A quick time-line of Hadoop research
  4. Ecosystem of Hadoop Animal Zoo

Hadoop Distributed File System

  1. HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System distilled
  2. Hadoop – Modes of accessing HDFS

Hadoop Installation

  1. Hadoop – Installation on windows

Google MapReduce

  1. Google MapReduce Algorithm research paper


  1. Apache Hadoop Official site
  2. Hadoop-1.2.1 Documentation
  3. Hadoop-2.2.0 Documentation

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