What is Hadoop?

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is the Apache Open source software framework for working with Big Data to extract value from colossal amount of information. It was inspired by Google technologies and put to practice by Yahoo and others.

Inspired by Google Big Table, a NoSQL Google database. GFS (Google File System) research paper and Map Reduce, a programming paradigm for distributed parallel programming.

Google Big Data
Google Big Data Technologies

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Hadoop is a software framework, which includes number of components that were specifically designed to solve large-scale distributed data storage, analysis and trivial tasks.

Hadoop originally built to support distribution to Nutch, a complete open source search engine solution from Apache.

Apache Nutch

Hadoop created by Doug Cutting, named this distributed framework as Hadoop.  Hadoop is the name given by his son to his yellow stuffed elephant. He says “children are good at naming things”. He chosen this name to distributed parallel computing framework. Hadoop has surely captured the greatest name recognition. It’s just one of three classes of technologies well suited to storing, managing and analysis of Big Data.

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